Private Obedience Training
This service is only available in the Treasure Coast area!
Avatar K-9 Training and Kennels offers obedience in the privacy of your home. We offer a 6 week program where we come to your home and work with you and your dog for an hour each week.  Our program is based on positive reinforcement as the base for all our training using food as a motivator and reward. A happy dog learns quickly.  Skills that will be taught are:

1. Attention Exercise-teaching the dog to focus on the handler     makes training much easier.
2.  Sit-Stay-this exercise is taught using a 6ft. lead.
3.  Down-Stay-this exercise is taught using a 6ft. lead.
4.  Heel-this exercise is taught using a 6ft. lead with the dog      walking on your left-side on a loose lead ending with an         automatic sit.
5.  Come-this exercise is taught using a 6ft. lead ending with       a front sit.
6.  Place-this exercise teaches the dog to go to a mat from         anywhere in the house.  It is less restrictive than the           Stay command, as the dog is allowed to be in any position       as long as they do not leave the mat.  This is a 
      wonderful exercise for when company comes over. 

Obedience training can help with other problems you may be having with your dog.  Many behavioral issues are dealt with teaching obedience.  Any others will be addressed during the course of your training.  Give us a call and let us help you with your problems.

Our 6 week Obedience Program is very reasonably priced at $600.00, within a 30 mile radius of our location, additional mileage will be charged outside of this area.  Compare us with the other trainers, you will not find a trainer with more experience than us for a lower price.  Demand proof of their experience.

We also offer a per lesson price for those of you that already have Obedience, but might be experiencing an issue that you would like our help with.  The single lesson price is $150 per hour, covering a single issue.

Whatever your needs are, a full Obedience package or just a lesson or two, give us call.  

Please understand that when you sign up for an Obedience Package, it takes a committment on your part.  Just because you decide you don't have time to finish the package, you will not recieve a refund.  I make every effort to make appts to fit your schedule. 

Please call for more information on training:
email me
Avatar K-9 is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.