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Here is a little about the origins of Avatar K-9 Training.  I started my dog adventures in the early 80's.  I had a black lab named Magnum that I titled in Obedience.  My then instructor thought I had potential to be an trainer and so asked me to come back and help with her classes. I really enjoyed working with her and the dogs.  I learned alot during that time with her.  I also started doing some research on using dogs for Search and Rescue.  I attended some classes and seminars and talked with my friends from the Obedience Club we all belonged to and we decided we would like to try it.  At the time there were no SAR teams in FL to consult, so we just read what books we could find and through trial and error we succeeded.  We were lucky enough to be able to work with Bill Dotson, one of the original members of the US Disaster Dog Team.  He also was the one that certified our dogs.  The lessons learned with the SAR work have carried over to all the work I do today.  I was able to train and certify and Handle one of only a handful of Off-Lead Air Scenting Bloodhounds in the USA.  After years of SAR work and the loss of my Bloodhound, Sniffer, I was doing some work with the local PD.  I was working with them on Cadaver cases with another dog that I had trained.  The trainer there asked me to start helping him train Narcotic Dogs.  Well, that training then carried over into full Police K-9 training and Explosives training.  I have trained, certified and worked dogs in Explosives and Narcotics.   I got involved with Conformation work when I was showing Sniffer and another Bloodhound.  Sniffer went on to become a Champion.  But I continued to show dogs in conformation for other people.  Through my experience with all these types of training I am able to assist people in training their Service dogs.  I feel that I am a well rounded trainer that will service your training needs well. 
In addition to owning and operating Avatar K-9, I was the Training Director for the S.P.C.A. of North Brevard.  I am also a fill-in Explosive Dog Handler for Garrison and Sloan.  Give me a call and we can discuss your training needs.
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