Leif Des Ombres Valeureux
This page is dedicated to Leif, which means beloved.  We lost him January 24, 2006 to cancer.  Leif had been with me since he was old enough to fly from California 10 yrs ago. Though never officially trained for guard work, he protected our property quite effectively.  Maybe it had something to do with weighing in at 120 lbs!!!  He looked quite intimidating.  Nobody came through the gate with him standing there barking at them.  Under all that intimidation was a very sweet soul.  It has been very difficult to have lost him.  He was always a devoted protector of my young daughter.  Whenever she was outside playing, he always had to be right there wherever she was playing.  Even the day he went to the vet and was diagnosed with the cancer.  When he came home in the truck, we needed to wait for my Brother-in-law to get home to help get him out.  So he was laying on his bed resting in the truck until then.  As soon as he heard her outside playing, he got out of the truck by himself and went over to lay by the trampoline where she was playing.  You just couldn't keep him away from his baby.
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